Westview Gems offers a wide variety of custom cut gemstones. Browse the inventory of precision faceted sapphire, garnet, tourmaline, Montana sapphire, spinel and much more. All gems cut by AGTA Spectrum award winner Steve Wallner.

1.56 ct. Sapphire
1.97 ct. Garnet
2.25 ct. Tourmaline
2.08 ct. Tourmaline
1.94 ct. Spinel
2.81 ct. Garnet
1.74 ct. Garnet
1.26 ct. Garnet
1.93 ct. Garnet
2.68 ct. Tourmaline
2.12 ct. Garnet
2.80 ct. Garnet
0.98 ct. Spinel
2.11 ct. Garnet
2.02 ct. Garnet
3.11 ct. Tourmaline